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Kitchen Makeover

Give yourself no choice but to eat healthy when you're home. 
I'll help you stock up on the good stuff to create a kitchen that's both healthy and delicious.

What's  included?

90 minutes of... 



Location. Location. Location! I'll show you how to maximize your space to help reduce food waste and help you make healthy eating more effortless.  


Kitchen clean-out

Make it easier to reach your health goals. I'll help you figure out what you should keep and what you could replace. Love chips? Cookies? Ice cream?

Good news - you don't have to go cold turkey. I'll help you find healthy alternatives for food you love.


Label reading

We'll decode the food labels in your home and I'll help you know what to watch out for when restocking your kitchen. 



I'll provide you with custom recipes based on your food preferences, allergies and intolerances.

Combine this service with grocery/market tours



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