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Self-paced Intuitive Eating Course

Heal your relationship with food, learn to implement practical sports nutrition strategies, and ditch dieting for good!

BDC is a self-paced intuitive eating and gentle nutrition online course. It was made for busy equestrians who are interested in learning or re-learning intuitive eating but don't have the time to commit to a 1:1 coaching program.



Who is this for?

The online course is for you if you:

  • Have started a new diet/nutrition program every New Year, but haven't been able to stick to it

  • Are tired of dieting & stressing about food and your body

  • Want to enjoy the food you love without the guilt

  • Want to stop bingeing at night and on weekends

  • Want more energy in and out of the saddle

  • Have tried intuitive eating on your own but feel stuck

  • Are interested in exploring a self-care, non-diet program with other equestrians

  • Want lifetime access to current & all future course materials


What's included?

  • 12 modules with on-demand videos

    •  Module 1: You'll learn about the science behind why dieting doesn't work, and get an introduction to the science behind intuitive eating.

    •  Module 2: You'll get the tools that will help you shift your mentality away from dieting & learn how to reframe what you think of 'setbacks' in your eating.

    •  Module 3: You'll get the tools (including a downloadable hunger/satiety scale) & a step-by-step action plan that will help you reconnect with your hunger cues.

    •  Module 4: You'll learn the science behind why restriction doesn't work (on any level), and you will get a step-by-step action plan to help you slowly remove the restriction around your favorite foods WITHOUT feeling out of control.

    •  Module 5: You'll learn how to reframe your thoughts around food so you could stop thinking about any food as good/bad, and you'll learn how to set boundaries so you could feel more empowered to make food choices that serve you best.

    •  Module 6: This module covers the importance of satisfaction, mindful eating, and includes a guided mindful eating exercise.

    •  Module 7: You'll learn how to understand and reconnect with your fullness cues, recognize when you're approaching comfortable fullness, and get tools that will help you feel less guilty & uncomfortable during times you overeat.

    •  Module 8: This module covers emotional eating. Here we normalize the emotional connection that we all have with food, and you'll learn how to cope with your emotions with non-food related strategies.

    •  Module 9: This module covers body image. You'll learn to understand what body image is (and isn't), learn how to create and foster body respect, and you'll get the tools that will help you feel more confident and foster a more peaceful relationship with your body.

    •  Module 10: You'll learn how to reframe the way you think about exercise so you could sustainably incorporate movement in a way that feels good and in a way you enjoy.

    •  Module 11: You'll learn what a nutritionally balanced dietary pattern looks like and will learn how to sustainably incorporate nutrient-dense foods into your dietary pattern WITHOUT the restriction!

    •  Module 12 (BONUS module): You'll learn how to incorporate equestrian-specific sports nutrition tools & strategies, learn how to create & utilize performance plates, and learn how to identify which supplements can be helpful in enhancing your performance and recovery as an athlete.

  •  PDF handouts for notetaking

  • Downloadable worksheets, journal prompts, and step-by-step action plans

  •  Lifelong access to all current and future course material

  •  Bonus sports nutrition module

  • Learning at your own pace!


By the end of the program, you will:

  • Feel more in control around ALL food

  • Experience less binge & emotional eating

  • Have greater trust in your body & mind to guide your eating

  • Feel more in control around ALL food

  • Gain new friends in the non-diet equestrian community

  • Learn how to fuel your rides & recovery using gentle & practical sports nutrition strategies

  • Never feel the need to diet again!

Ready to get started?


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