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Performance Nutrition Workshops

Interactive nutrition workshops designed to help equestrian athletes get the tools they need to enhance overall wellness and athletic performance.

Who is this for?

  • Junior, adult amateur, and professional equestrian athletes

  • Trainers interested in creating a positive barn culture around food and body image

  • Equestrian teams interested in learning how to use food and nutrition to improve performance, gain a competitive edge, and promote overall health & wellbeing

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What's included?

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  • Part 1 - Group workshop ($25 per participant):

    • 60-minute Fuel Your Ride sports nutrition 101 talk​ + Q&A

      • Includes:

        • Handouts

        • Equestrian-specific sports nutrition recipe book

  • ​Part 2, optional - Individual nutrition coaching session ($150 per participant):

    • 45-minute 1:1 personalized session​

    • Strategic goal setting & guidance

    • In-depth review of your medical, nutritional, & physical activity history

    • Individualized meal plan creation

    • Supplement review & recommendations

    • Personalized  recipes, resources, & recommendations

Why host a workshop?


Many athletes are at risk of underfueling. Whether that underfueling is unintentional or a result of an eating disorder/disordered eating, it puts equestrians at risk of several health and performance consequences ranging from decreased endurance, strength, and concentration to compromised immunity & increased injury risk - none of which set you up for success in or out of the saddle.


With the increasing amount of nutrition information and misinformation out there, it makes it challenging to know what to believe, which is why I created this workshop.


The goal is to provide reliable, practical, evidence-based nutrition information from someone who not only studied and has been practicing nutrition for >10 years, but who also grew up in the sport and currently lives the equestrian lifestyle.


Because of this, I understand the challenges and barriers that can impact proper fueling and nourishment and understand how to combine the science with real life, practical nutrition strategies.


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Improved nutritional knowledge

Attendees will gain an understanding of the role various nutrients play in supporting overall health, wellness, and athletic performance.

They will learn to identify the top nutrition myths in the health & performance space, which will ultimately help empower them to feel confident in making food choices that allow them to feel their best.


Injury prevention

This is an extreme sport. Working with horses requires us to be 'on' and present at all times. Whether working with these powerful 1200 lb animals in hand or under saddle, they have a mind, body, and spirit of their own.


Underfueling reduces endurance, strength, coordination, and concentration - all of which can make it difficult to be present and able to handle unexpected situations that may arise. 

Adequate fueling and nourishment will help you stay present and proactive, reducing the potential risk of injury.


Enhanced performance

Understanding what to eat before, during, and after rides can help enhance energy levels in the saddle and promote recovery after tough rides or other physical activity.


Attendees will learn how to build and apply 'performance plates' to make sure they give their bodies the energy and nutrients needed to support overall health & performance.


A more positive outlook on their relationship with food

Research has shown that 35-42% of equestrians are at risk of having an eating disorder. That's almost every 1 in 2 riders. 

Many riders feel they need to look a certain way in order to be successful in the sport or best support their equine partner. This belief can lead to dieting, underfueling, a negative body image, and stress around food - all of which makes it difficult to properly fuel & nourish the body. 

Attendees will get tools to help create and foster a healthy relationship with food & their bodies.

Additional information

  • Location:

  • Virtual and in-person workshops available

  • 5-person minimum

  • All attendees will receive:

  • Complimentary equestrian-specific sports nutrition guide + recipe book

  • Discount off 1:1 coaching packages

  • Free access to online course for 1 year

  • Cost per participant:​

  • Group workshop: $25

  • Optional individual nutrition coaching session: $150

Interested in hosting a workshop at your barn?

If so, please fill out this form and I will reach out to you within 3 business days to discuss next steps.

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