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Sports nutrition for the equestrian athlete



Sports nutrition for the equestrian athlete

"Bottom line is, you're an athlete and your body should be as well tuned as your equine partner. I'm here to get you on track to feeling and competing at your best."


Gavi Equestrian is the premier performance nutrition service for dedicated equestrian athletes who are looking to optimize their health and performance.  My mission is to bridge the gap between nutrition and the equestrian world through a highly individualized and evidence-based approach. 

What is Gavi Equestrian?

Gavi Equestrian is a premier sports nutrition coaching service that helps recreational and competitive equestrian athletes optimize their health, wellbeing, and athletic performance.


Why choose Gavi Equestrian?

As riders, we often put our horses’ needs before our own. We make sure they get the best care, feed and services to keep them feeling and performing their best. They deserve their teammate to invest in themselves, too. 

From dedicated amateurs to riders at the top of the sport, I understand your unique nutritional needs and will help you meet them. Nutrition is a powerful and often underutilized tool that can help you increase your energy levels, enhance recovery, and give you that competitive edge.


Whether you're looking for a highly individualized 1:1 coaching program, group coaching with other riders, or a learn-at-your-own-pace online course, I offer programs for every rider.


Each program was designed to help you sustainably fuel and nourish your body so you could reach peak performance, optimize your health, and so you could feel your best in and out of the saddle.


As seen in:

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"I reached out to Natalie for help while training for the 2018 Mongol Derby, the longest and toughest race in the world. I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of my training sessions while preparing for the race as well as how to properly fuel for peak performance during the competition. It was important to me to consult an expert that understood the equestrian athlete’s dietary needs. As a pescatarian, I was also worried I wasn’t getting enough protein for my rigorous training program.


Natalie worked with me one-on-one to create an individualized meal plan that also worked with my training schedule to provide the right nutrients at the optimum time. I could tell Natalie really wanted to help, and she spent a lot of time asking specific questions and planning out a strategy. She also talked me through the completed meal plan and explained why she chose certain recipes, which made it even easier to follow. As a bonus, meals were easy to make and delicious! I would recommend Natalie without hesitation!"

- Jocelyn Pierce, Associate Editor, Practical Horseman,

2018 Mongol Derby Top 10 Finisher

More testimonials

"I literally eat whatever I want, it's so liberating. . .Your classes are still the best thing that ever happened to me."

-Anonymous equestrian athlete

"Having worked with you really changed my relationship with food as a result, I cannot recommend this opportunity enough!"

-Anonymous equestrian athlete

"'s been a wildly liberating experience to feel the way nutrition changes my performance and focus"

-Anonymous equestrian athlete

"As an equestrian myself, I know there is no off-season. I also know how much you invest in your horse's health, performance and happiness, but how much are you investing in yourself? Through practical, non-diet sports nutrition strategies, I can help you sustainably reach optimal health and performance both in and out of the saddle."
- Natalie Gavi, MS, RD


Ready to  learn how to use food and nutrition to give you a competitive edge and help you feel your best in and out of the saddle? 

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