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Feel your best with intuitive eating and gentle nutrition

Optimize your physical & mental health, improve athletic & cognitive performance, and learn how to eat without the guilt or shame through an individualized evidence-based, non-diet approach.

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Mexican Meal


Fuel. Nourish. Enjoy.

My nutrition philosophy is based on a strategic, flexible, and individualized method that inspires you to eat in a way that...

...Fuels your body so you have the energy to do what you love and need to do.

...Nourishes your body with nutrients to support physical and mental health.

...Allows you to Enjoy your favorite foods, unconditionally, and without the guilt.


Whether you're looking for a self-paced program that you can do in your spare time between work/school and the barn vs a structured 1:1/group coaching program, we have something for you!


Interested in learning more about one of the programs below? Enroll, apply, or schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn more!

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1:1 Coaching

Choose from 1-, 3-, and 6-month weekly coaching options to help you heal your relationship with food and learn how to use food & nutrition to optimize your health, wellness, and performance. 

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Group Coaching (for equestrians)

Happily Fueled Equestrian is a 3-month intuitive eating and gentle nutrition group coaching program. It was made for equestrians who have dieted most of their lives, are fed up with dieting, and are ready to try something new that has been shown to lead long-term success.

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Self-paced Course

Buck Diet Culture is a self-paced intuitive eating and gentle nutrition online course. It was made for busy equestrians who are interested in learning or re-learning intuitive eating but don't have the time to commit to 1:1 or group coaching.


"I literally eat whatever I want, it's so liberating. . .Your classes are still the best thing that ever happened to me."

-Equestrian athlete

"Having worked with you really changed my relationship with food as a result, I cannot recommend this opportunity enough!"

-Equestrian athlete

"'s been a wildly liberating experience to feel the way nutrition changes my performance and focus"

-Equestrian athlete

Book a complimentary call

Interested in working together? Book a complimentary 20-minute call here!

This will allow us to chat about your goals, my approach, answer any questions you may have about working together, and see if we are a good fit before scheduling our first session.

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